Roger L. Smalling

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Reformation In Latin America

About the Smalling’s

We are missionaries with the Presbyterian Church in America. Our focus is to prepare Latin Americans for Reformed Christian leadership. We wish to help bring the Reformation to Latin America.

We have ministered as missionaries for over thirty years in Europe and Latin America.

Roger is director of Visión R.E.A.L, the Hispanic branch of Ministries In Action in Miami, Florida. Visión R.E.A.L is dedicated to bringing the Reformation to Latin America by establishing leadership training centers throughout the region.

Dianne ministers to the wives of leaders to encourage their unique gifts in light of their husband’s call. Roger is also a lecturer with Miami International Seminary (MINTS), which shares this vision.

Roger has his Doctorate from Miami International Seminary, a Masters in Biblical Studies from Baptist Christian University in Louisiana, a Masters in Theological Studies from MINTS, plus a Bachelors in Hispanic Education from the University of Northern Colorado, Greeley.

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