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GP Biography 2: Francisco Penzotti

GP Biography 2: Francisco Penzotti
by Aarón Espinoza

There has never been anyone in all of Latin American history
like this evangelist and Bible colporteur.

In the late 1800’s, he was going door to door offering copies of the Scriptures in the very Catholic city of Arequipa, Peru.

All of a sudden he met up with a bishop. The bishop, recognizing him as a “heretic” who had the audacity to be distributing the “Protestant Bible” became angry, called a policeman, ordered his arrest, and was taken to police headquarters. There the bishop denounced him as a “propagandist who had the nerve of giving out immoral and corrupt books.” Without listening to reason, the mayor ordered him locked in a filthy cell.

In prison, he spoke and sang of the love of God, praying for the men whose lives were full of unbelievable bitterness.

One night, a violent earthquake terrorized the city, including the prisoners and their guards. However, the prisoner of the Lord remained calm. You could hear his voice calming both the prisoners and the soldiers with kind and encouraging words. The next morning, everyone was talking about this Christian prisoner’s behavior and example. He was truly an exceptional and amazing man.

Three weeks later, the same mayor who so haughtily sent him to prison sent for the brave prisoner. He had received a telegram from the President of the Republic with orders for his immediate release. The message read: “Go personally and remove that gentleman from prison.”

When he was released, many prisoners shed tears saying [...]

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